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News - October 2018

First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who joined in the wonderful ‘Let’s do it world clean-up’ event, which was organised between many different local groups on the 15th of last month and which seems to have started a new and exciting wave of conscious effort to clean up our part of the world from unsightly rubbish. Well done everyone!

Around 1500 people turned up to do their bit for our island and even the very heavy rain during the whole morning on the big clean-up day didn’t send everyone off home to their cozy houses. Together, we finally managed to collect around 2 tons of unsightly trash and took part in a milestone event, which was considered to be the biggest social action in the history of human presence on the planet Earth.

Hopefully, the cleaning trend which was introduced on such a massive scale that day, will continue to grow stronger and will eventually result in a much cleaner world into the future.

Just before the ‘World Clean up’ event, we managed to get our little electric car back on the road and ready for the action day. This car, originally a present from one of our members and which we have used for many years in our Ibiza limpia project, to clean up the roads around Casita Verde, had been temporarily taken out of circulation due to its poor condition. However, with some extra cash from our friends in Chicago and great help from members of our house team, we managed to get it all fixed up, insured, passed through the ITV test and ready to go for our big cleaning day.

As soon as we have some more economic resources available, it’s our intention to buy

another similar electric vehicle, so that we can not only continue to successfully clean all the roads around our centre, but can employ our new solar installations to charge up both cars for use on short journeys like shopping trips and picking up volunteers from the airport etc.

Now that the Eco-wagon energy system has been completed with 2kw of panels and we’ve added an extra kilowatt of panels to our main house system, we hope to have much more potential for charging our electric cars, even during the winter months, when there is less sunshine. (We can also offer to charge up small electric cars from Sunday visitors if we have some nice weather on the day, plus electric bikes and scooters etc!)

Casita Verde now has three large solar systems with a total of 7kw of solar panels and three sets of batteries, which will soon be connected together in a kind of ‘Smart Grid’, so that we can use all the power we generate for whatever we’d like to plug into it.

We also have several smaller solar systems, supplying energy to individual spaces, like the accommodations up the hill, the magic cave and the large tent where we make presentations and events etc.

It’s our intention to go on adding more energy gathering systems to our centre as we progress towards our goal of total energy independence for both domestic use, making water from the atmosphere and also for our expanding electric transport system.

At the very end of last month, we began again to do our weekly Sunday tour of Casita Verde, starting from the juice bar at 16.30 as usual. The famous Sunday tour was temporarily suspended during the hottest part of the year, as it now consists of a three hour trip around all the installations at the centre and was becoming too exhausting for both myself and the majority of our Sunday visitors.

Having now passed the age of 65 years old and am now about to receive my state pension, I have officially retired from my 17 years of employment with the Madrid based ‘Foundation for the Future’ where I served as local administrator for the foundation in Ibiza. However, this does not mean that I am going to retire from my job of helping to save our planet Earth from human devastation, it just means that I will now be personally financially supported by the government instead of my by friends from Chicago.

Obviously, having now managed to set up the whole of the ‘Ibiza Fènix’ Social leadership experiment, I will most probably be even more active in the coming years, as we begin the serious task of developingall of the branches associated with this very ambitious project.

Fortunately, my good friend and personal coach Sandhi Spears, will pass by in Ibiza to visit us later this month and will no doubt do some strategic planning during his stay with us. We will need to activate more of the branches with exciting projects, as well as investigate economic inputs to ensure that the Fènix experiment can continue to grow more quickly and have the desired positive impact on our local community.

Also at Casita Verde, one of our recently appointed directors, Howard Lewis from London, will be making a brand new website for our local branch of the Greenheart /Casita Verde movement. If all goes according to plan, we should have the new site up and running by the end of this month, with some brand new features and information about how you can volunteer at either Casita Verde Ibiza or at our new Casita Verde over in Granada.

Volunteering at Casita Verde

At Casita Verde Ibiza, we’re presently looking for part time volunteers from our island community, to help out with some important projects being developed at the centre, including finishing the new Nature pond and also with the Eco wagon, being constructed by builder / Carpenter Dorus Rjikers.

We would also appreciate some help on Sundays, both in the kitchen or juice bar and sometimes for signing in new members at the reception. If you’re interested in helping out, please get in touch with us by social media or by phone (see details below).

Meanwhile, we go on with our weekly ‘Ibiza Fènix’ networking meetings every Thursday evenings, from 19h until 21h, followed by a vegan dinner and natural drinks made with local produce, plus our celebration event up in the big tent and in our magic cave.

* Next meeting Thursday 11 th October from 19.00

Blockchain infrastructure, economic decentralization and financial independence with cryptocurrencies. From the foundations of the Cripto world, The use of the blockchain as a tool for the decentralization of information; We will learn techniques to mine; work with exchanges, use different crypts as means of payment and trade in automatic mode. Presentation by the experts of and, who who will be visiting the Island.

For info on future networking events at Casita Verde this month, please see our social media networks and /or get in touch with us!

Eco-radio Ibiza and Formentera

If you haven’t tuned in yet, please check out Eco Radio Ibiza and Formentera on FM 90.0Mhz. This new radio station, operated by Augustín Prades and Merche Martínez, is dedicated to all the ecological happenings and news from environmental groups from Ibiza and Formentera!

If you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please come and see us on Sundays and Thursdays at Casita Verde, or on Saturdays at the Local products market in Forada.

You can also get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling our main office on 971 187353 / 608838190.

With warm greetings from Casita Verde, Chris Dews – coordinator


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