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Welcome to Casita Verde

Casita Verde is an ecology and education centre founded by Chris Dews in the green heart of Ibiza in 1993. 


Now at our new centre in Granada and with more planned in the future, we practice and teach sustainable, healthy living by applying permaculture principles, using alternative energy and re-using and up-cycling waste materials.

Our tours, volunteering and workshop experiences can help you with your own sustainable living journey.


The Greenheart is a symbol

of our love and respect

for the planet Earth

Our Vision

To help create a more sustainable world where people want to belong, while networking both locally and internationally with like-minded organisations and individuals - synergy into action.

We offer visitors a unique experience, participation, education and preparation for adopting a more fulfilling and ecological lifestyle.

olive field casita verde granada

Our 10 hectare center is located in Granada, it's completely off-grid in a field of olive and almond trees.

our new centre

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