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Frequent Questions

Please Contact Us if you can't find the answer to your question.

  • Am I able to bring a pet dog with me to workshops or when I'm volunteering?
    Unfortunately not - we can't cater for animals at Casita Verde and ask that you don't bring any with you.
  • Are you a WWOOF centre?
    WWOOF is the organisation offering Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. We are not part of their program. If you would prefer to volunteer at a WWOOF centre follow the link to their website here.
  • Can I do Workaway with Casita Verde?
    We're not a workaway centre unfortunately and don't feature on their website. There are lots of workaway opportunities in the Balearics and in Spain, which might be of interest.
  • Can I set up my own Casita Verde?
    Yes, you can and we have former volunteers who have set up their own Casita Verde; for example, the new centre in Granada. If you'd like to become part of the Casita Verde family there are a few qualifying criteria. You can see a basic overview here and then contact us for a more detailed discussion.
  • Can I still volunteer, or come to a workshop, after Brexit?"
    With the UK leaving the EU at some point in the future, and depending on whether the UK has a deal in place for its exit or not, the circumstances for UK passport holders travelling to EU countries may change. However, UK citizens won't stop travelling to EU countries for holidays, business and education purposes. There may be visa requirements (which are more likely if the UK leaves the EU without a deal) but then many countries that the British travel to have some kind of visa system. It doesn't stop us travelling there. We expect that, as a UK passport holder, you will still be able to come to Spain and volunteer or attend a workshop with us. There is a helpful article on the BBC news website, which gives more information. There is also information on the ABTA travel website.
  • Do I need medical and/or travel insurance?
    Yes, please ensure that you've got adequate insurance to cover yourself in the event of an illness or accident.
  • Do you run the European Erasmus+ course?
    We are no longer involved with the Erasmus+ program.
  • Why do you eat a plant based diet?
    We find that a plant based diet is healthy and gives you all the necessary nutrients your body needs. The animal and environmental benefits are clear, of course, but ours is more a belief in the health advantages of avoiding animal and fish products.
  • Are you open on Sundays?
    We are now permanently closed on Sundays. If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us.
  • Can I arrange a private tour?
    It does depend on Chris' availability, but yes we will try to accommodate you during the afternoon if you'd like to visit us. A private tour lasts for about 90 minutes and includes an aloe vera juice demonstration and drink. We will also show you around the gardens, accommodation and public areas. We request a modest donation per visit. Please use our Contact Us page if you'd like to know more or book a visit.
  • Can I book a room for a night?
    Sorry, no. We're not a hotel and don't appear on bookings apps.
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes, we have a car park.
  • Can I bring my dog with me when I visit?
    Yes, you can, but we ask that you leave your dog in the dog park, which is close to the entrance to Casita Verde. We often have young children visiting us with their parents and we'd prefer not to take any risks, even if you know your dog is super friendly. The dogs have their own covered area and have fresh water to drink. If you have a guide dog you are welcome to bring it in.
  • Can I have my meeting at Casita Verde?
    We can offer you facilities outside in the gardens or inside in the White tent if you'd like to hold your private meeting or conference at Casita Verde. We have a video projector, screen and sound system, plus a white board and wi-fi connection. We can also offer you drinks and snacks. Please Contact Us if you'd like to know more.
  • Do you cater for people with disabilities?
    We can offer step free access to the main public area at Casita Verde, which includes the eating and toilet areas. If you are thinking of visiting us and have any questions please call or email usand we'll discuss the requirements you have.
  • Do you have mobile phone coverage?
    Yes, most networks offer at least a 3G (and sometimes 4G) service at Casita Verde. We also have wi-fi around the main public area, which doesn't need a password.
  • Do you host school visits?
    Yes, as part of our community outreach program, we host visits from schools and colleges in Ibiza and around Spain and the rest of Europe. Most visits, which are free of charge, take place from Tuesday to Friday and Chris will do a tour of Casita Verde's facilities in either Spanish or English. Please Contact Us if you'd like to bring your school or college on a visit.
  • How do I get to Casita Verde?
    Click on the link here to get directions. Our GPS coordinates are: 38.938062, 1.353323. Please go to our Contact page for our phone numbers.
  • How far are you from Ibiza airport?
    Casita Verde is located up in the hills between Ibiza town and San Antonio; we're about a 20 minute drive from the airport.
  • I thought Ibiza was a non-stop party and drug island?
    Ibiza does have a well-deserved reputation as a party island, with thousands of tourists visiting every year to dance until dawn. But there is another side to the island, away from the coastal resorts, where there is lush greenery, beautiful country walks & bike tracks and exquisite traditional Spanish hill-top villages. Casita Verde is located mid-way between Ibiza town and San Antonio, up in the hills. You can see down the valley to the coast and we get amazing sunsets right above the sea most evenings. So there's two sides to every story, and Ibiza is no different - you've just got to look.
  • What are the seasonal temperatures?
    Ibiza has a warm, temperate climate, with temperatures during the day in August often well over 30 degrees and in January a little below 10 degrees. There is little or no rain in the summer months but from October onwards temperatures drop and it rains quite frequently. If you are visiting us between October and April, you should bring some warm clothes. During the summer it's shorts and t-shirts.
  • What is Greenheart?
    Greenheart is a philosophy - a way of living life in harmony with planet Earth. For us at Casita Verde we live life with a green heart - living sustainable lives that limit pressure on the Earth's precious resources. You can find out more here.
  • Why have you stopped volunteering, workshops and open Sundays at Casita Verde Ibiza?"
    There are a number of reasons: 1. We've spent 20 years encouraging our visitors to consider a plant based, or vegan, diet in the absence of any restaurants on the island catering for that choice of food. Now there are many restaurants offering amazing vegetarian and vegan menus and we don't want to compete with them. 2. We want to spend more time on our Ibiza Fenix project, which takes the core values of Casita Verde out into the wider Ibiza community.
  • Can I bring friends to sleep over?
    What we try to create is an environment where you fit in quickly and immediately feel a part of our community. That becomes harder when we have ad-hoc visitors, so we prefer to politely say no.
  • Can I bring meat or fish to eat at Casita Verde?
    No, we have no meat or fish on any of the Casita Verde premises.
  • Can I bring my partner?
    We do have couples as volunteers and have dormitory style accommodation facilties for you. Please let us know what you have in mind.
  • Can I bring or buy my own food while I'm there?
    We would prefer you limit any food you bring. What we prepare for breakfast and lunch is nutritious and delicious and we ask that you share that rather than preparing your own meals. We don't usually cook dinner (because everyone seems to have different dinner requirements) and you are welcome to make something from what's available in the kitchen. Please note that we eat a plant based diet and don't allow meat or fish to be brought to Casita Verde at any time.
  • Can I drink the water?
    The water from the tap comes from the rainwater collection system and so is not filtered. We do have drinking water available from a tap in the kitchen.
  • Do you cater for a vegetarian or vegan diet?
    We eat a plant based diet, which may be supplemented with some eggs, cheese and honey if you eat them. We don't allow fish or meat on the premises.
  • Do you have a washing machine and dryer?
    No, we don't have a washing machine at the centre, but use the facilities at our linked hostel in Granada when we visit there each Wednesday. Please bring enough clothes for a week, at least.
  • Do you have wi-fi?
    Our centre in Granada is in quite a remote location so our wi-fi connection comes from the mobile network, which itself is not too strong. We recommend that you have a data connection enabled on your smartphone with an adequate data plan for the duration of your stay.
  • Does the accommodation have heating?
    Yes, we have wood burning stoves in the property.
  • I'm looking for a vacation/holiday. Is that a problem?
    Yes, we're a working community and all our volunteers enjoy contributing their time and energy to the group and working on different projects. If you are looking for a 'lie-by-the-pool' holiday, you're probably looking to go somewhere else.
  • What are the seasonal temperatures in Granada?
    Granada has a slightly continental climate with moderately cold winters and hot, sunny summers, where the temperature is often above 30 degrees. The daily temperature range is often remarkable - in the summer dropping to 12 to 17 degrees at night. In December and January the temperature can drop to close to freezing at night.
  • What if I have a food allergy or intolerance?
    Since we are living in a community we all share the same food at mealtimes, so it's important to know in advance if you have a food intolerance. We follow a healthy plant based diet, but we do eat nuts and seeds and some of our recipes contain gluten. Please discuss your intolerance with us BEFORE you come.
  • What medical facilities are close to Casita Verde?
    The main medical centres are in Granada city, which is about 40km from us.
  • What's the food like?
    Outstanding - we're committed to showing how good and nutritious vegan food can be. We've even written a recipe book with our most popular recipes, which is now available free on our website.

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