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We are building a new center from scratch, if you want to help us with this project,

please contact us to volunteer !

To begin with, we normally accept volunteers for one or two weeks maximum with a modest donation for your stay with us to cover food, transport and accomodation.

Longer Term Volunteering may be available upon request after your first two weeks with us. Depending on your experience, what needs doing and how well you fit with the team, a longer period of volunteering could be possible.

What you will do

We have moved to a new property, and there are a lot of projects underway at Casita Verde Granada.

These include; eco-construction, renovating an old barn, working in the garden, working in the olive and almond orchards, improvement of the facilities, etc. 

Although every volunteer may have their own special skills, living in Casita Verde means you’re living in the ecological centre, so we would also ask you to help with the daily activities of the centre where needed, including household chores.

As a volunteer, we ask for a minimum commitment of 5 hours work per day. In addition to this we do a rubbish drive where we clean the road, lakes or forest once a week.

Time of volunteering

Volunteering in Casita Verde Granada

   You can only volunteer in the centre of Granada, not in Ibiza.


Daily program

(depending on the season)

08:00 - 08:30 : Preparing breakfast

08:30 - 09:00 : Breakfast

09:00 : Meeting

09:00-12:00 : Work

12:00 : 15mn break

12:15-15:00 : Work

15:00 : Lunch : Casita Verde Granada's team is cooking

After lunch : You are free to do whatever you like

Dinner : Free hour : Usually we cook a soup, or eat left overs from lunch, but you can also buy and cook your own food if you prefer.


Please read our entire guidelines and the frequent questions before coming to Casita Verde Granada

Apply for volunteering at Casita Verde

Once you apply we will arrange a call with you to talk about volunteering at Casita Verde Granada.

Thank you, we will respond soon.

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