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Vegan Nutrition

At Casita Verde we eat a plant based diet, which is highly nutritious and provides the essential proteins, fibre, vitamins, fats and minerals that we all need to live healthy lives.

We grow fruit and vegetables in our gardens using compost that we create from our food and garden waste. We also buy fresh, seasonal produce from Ibiza's local farmers to support the economy on the island and minimise transportation.

Many of our recipes use carob, which grows naturally and in abundance across Spain and is an excellent, healthy substitute for chocolate. We make delicious carob brownies, a coffee drink and carob ice-cream. And now we're working with producers in Ibiza and across Europe to make carob syrup for sale in wholesale and retail shops, restaurants and on-line. Just one of the ways we are using our learnings and experimentation to benefit the wider community and promote healthy eating.


We have around 1,500 aloe vera plants growing at Casita Verde Ibiza and our aloe vera juices are popular for their unique flavour and quality. You can choose mint or watermelon - all natural with the best local ingredients and absolutely no additives.

Our chef Roberto Vegano created the ultimate vegan recipe book with over 100 delicious vegan recipes, including mouthwatering mains, delicious desserts, scrumptious sauces and bellissimo brownies. Oh, and fabulous fajitas - what a mouthful!

Casita Verde Recipe Book

See it online :

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