Ibiza Limpia

Ibiza Limpia ("clean Ibiza" in Spanish) is a Casita Verde campaign to clean up Ibiza's littered beaches and roadsides. Every week we go to a different beach, or a road, and pick up as much garbage as we can find. We dispose of it responsibly in one of the many designated recycling points around the island.

Chris has been clearing the roads and beaches of Ibiza for the last 30 years, picking up plastics, glass bottles, cigarette butts and drink cans. Unfortunately as fast as we clear up, more garbage arrives, so it's a never-ending task. However, we're determined to keep the island as clear of rubbish as possible, so please join us in our weekly clean up program.

And see our Facebook page to find out where we're going to clean up next.

The Butts Are Everywhere

Ibiza's beaches are covered with cigarette butts. Every time we clean a beach we collect thousands of them. Even when we're beach cleaning people still stub their cigarettes out in front of us and push them under the sand. It's unfortunately true that people enjoying the beauty of Ibiza's coastline and the fresh sea air are sitting on a carpet of cigarette butts.

Imagine your child happily building sandcastles and digging out butt after butt. That's what happens - with the risk of getting nicotine and tobacco residue in their mouth and eyes.

It's Time For A Change

Is it finally time to create designated smoking areas on Ibiza's beaches and ban smoking from public areas? Will you help us get the message across to the Ibiza government and make this change?

Contact us if you'd like to be involved.

No ifs, no BUTTS, let's finally clean up Ibiza

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