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Greenheart News - Winter 2021 / 22

First of all, I’d like to wish all our friends and followers reading this seasonal blog a very happy and ‘regenerative’ new year for 2022.

Just as we’re all wondering what happened in 2021, we find ourselves arriving into 2022 with an even more chaotic world than we could have imagined outside the realms of conspiracy movies and scary reminders of predictions from 20th century writers such as Aldrous Huxley, or George Orwell.

The big question that many people are asking now is ‘Where do we go from here?’.

I really wish I had some answers to offer, but I’m no longer even surprised by the latest news of ever more Draconian measures being introduced by our so-called ‘Leaders’, who seem to care very little for their citizens' comfort and necessities.

Some are apparently even enjoying their newly acquired ‘Power’ to exercise military style authority over the people they pretend to represent, claiming that it’s all for our common benefit. (Remember the story of ‘Animal Farm’!)

However, being a positive thinker, like many others that I know, I am still hoping that one day soon, we will wake up from this darkening nightmare scene and begin to see some brighter lights at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, I guess it’s a case of doing what we personally believe to be fair and morally correct, as well as preparing ourselves for some quite drastic behavioural changes in how we live our everyday lives.

Of course, in centres like Casita Verde, we have been well aware of the great necessity to be more self-sufficient in relation to basic resources and services like

secure shelter, reliable electricity, good quality water and nourishing food, as well as personal sustainable transport and things like firewood to keep us warm during the winter months. We also continue to encourage others to be more prepared for the ‘inevitable and very challenging’ times that lie ahead, as we see the ‘big picture’ unfolding before our eyes.

Many of us also believe this ‘pivotal moment’, to be exactly what we always knew would happen if we fail to understand how our natural world works and what our human role is, as caretakers (or stewards) on our planet Earth. I’d also like to think that we are about to experience a ‘Great Reset’ (and not the one the Globalists are dreaming of). We need to push for something more like a huge ‘Metamorphosis’, or transformation from that greedy and destructive caterpillar into the beautiful ‘Butterfly’ which we could recognise as the really enhanced human experience.

Once we have lost our fear of dying and can learn to live in peace and harmony with ourselves, unleashing our limitless power, plus our communal intelligence and knowledge, we will be allowed to break free from the cage we have constructed around ourselves and get on with the job we came here to perform, especially if we have already identified our individual purpose for existence!!

Happily, I’m not alone with my thoughts on what’s coming up next and also of the potential positive effect of many brilliant minds tuning into a new frequency of love and compassion for all life as we know it. Wonderful individuals like the English comic Russel Brand and lately even the famous modern conspiracy theorist David Icke are speaking continuously about an awakening new world just around the corner and how we should all make our best efforts to join in the movement.

In 2004, I remember writing a special ‘Message from Greenheart’, speaking of exactly this point in time and how we can all benefit from the fact that this is happening on our watch. Also reminding us of the almost guaranteed negative consequences if we fail to act as a fully conscious global community.

Here’s a revised copy of the original message for those who haven’t seen it before:

Casita Verde Ibiza

As always throughout the entire thirty year history of Casita Verde Ibiza, there have been constant changes in our ‘Resident’ team. However, since the model project has been successfully finished and we do very few fund raising events here, we have reduced our permanent maintenance team to a sustainable minimum. For the moment at least, we are not accepting any additional resident volunteers, as we receive any needed extra help from friends and interested students living on the island.

Recently we welcomed the return of Matthaus Ullrich in a perfect moment to replace Puli Aldana, who left Casita Verde to join his family. We consequently managed to maintain the same number of valuable players, including Nuria Dominguez, Georgina Milani during her free time, and myself of course.

Matthaus, who was living in Casita Verde between 2010 and 2013 has returned for a few days each week, to regenerate the food gardens and help with the general maintenance of the centre, while Puli has left Ibiza in order to be closer to the rest of his Cuban family who are all now living in Granada.

Although we will miss the wonderful company of this hard working, kind and gentle soul, we also appreciate his necessity to re-join his other family members and wish him lots of success in finding his true mission in life, wherever that may be.

The Ibiza Ecolandia project

While still one of our most dominant future proposals, the Ibiza Ecolandia centre will no doubt take a few more years to become a reality. Having given up on the idea of building this centre in San Antonio due to a number of issues, we are now looking at the possibilities of making a modified version which could be adjusted for installation inside the Natural Park of Las Salinas. This is actually a much more suitable site for such an eco-educational objective and has many additional benefits, which would not have been possible in San Antonio.

I’ll include any news on the progress of that project in my next blog, but assume that the process will be quite slow due to the many complications we can expect to meet along the way.

On-line recipe guide - ‘You are what you eat’

Progress on this guide is still a bit slow, but we are moving as much as our spare time allows and continue to invent new, even more tasty recipes each time we try. One of the biggest benefits from this work is that we get to eat the results of our experiments, so consider ourselves to be some of the best fed laboratory animals in the world!

If you’re interested in sharing any recipes for healthy, tasty and mainly local food, or participating in collective cooking sessions in our kitchen, then please get in touch with us. This project was invented to be a communal effort and will be available free for anyone who wants to see it, as a part of our gift to the world community.

Visits to Casita Verde Ibiza

Yes we are open! However, mainly due to very changeable weather conditions since the beginning of our autumn / winter/ springtime Sunday visit offer, we’ve actually only managed five successful events during 2021. The good news is that the new system of doing a full tour and some drink preparation workshops, followed at the end by a wonderful plate full of very novel and tasty snacks, seems to have been received with much appreciation from our guests. It’s also been a great pleasure for us, since the booking system ensures that we know how many visitors are coming and in which language I’ll be expected to present the tour. We are hopeful that when the weather situation finally begins to get more stable, we’ll be able to increase our Sunday visitor numbers and also attract some local senior schools along for our free visit offer on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.

Casita Verde Granada

Since our visit during the last two weeks in August 2021, our friend Rey (Cubanito) informs me that they have greatly improved the accommodation possibilities by installing a beautiful 6 metre yurt for students and visiting volunteers, while further developing the olive oil production from the 10ha farm.

Hopefully, this will enable the new centre, which recently changed location, to continue improving the quality of the necessary infrastructure and also offer more opportunities for those who wish to learn new life-style skills, plus experience the joys of living comfortably in natural surroundings throughout the whole year.

Casita Verde Poland

According to reports I’ve received from Eivie Domagala, the director of Casita Verde Poland, they have made many improvements to the property over the summer months of 2021 and done quite a few open days with an eco–educational theme.

Having originally planned to apply for government funding to set up the project there, Evie finally decided that it was far too complicated and has decided to finance the new centre herself. Of course this means she needs to go out of Poland and work, in order to provide funds for further development. However, she still seems to be very inspired and I’m sure will finally succeed in making her dream of operating her own Casita Verde into a reality.

While being happy in our ecological laboratory, we do hope that other people will continue to copy us for their own interest! In this experiment with humanity, the idea is to improve the life of our planet and its tenants which are part of the same entity. I do not know exactly what it will take to get everyone onboard with the perfect recipe for improving our performance as regenerative guardians of our common home, but I am sure we are in a relatively privileged place to learn it. Perhaps all we need is a giant ‘spark’ to unite all the fires at once in the correct relation, then 'Bingo'!, we can remove the many obvious problems and turn them into cool solutions.

But who ‘wants to’, or could we say: ‘who has the ability’ to drive such a movement?

Personally, I think it’s a question of figuring out how to connect all the groups together and organise how to share the work. For sure it will be a collective effort and I’ḿ convinced it’s the perfect moment to make a massive attempt to succeed in this direction while we still have time. It’s late but maybe not yet too late!

For sure we will have many things to talk about and agree on, but even more things to do, so let’s stay free and get on with it ok!

This time we recommend this short video from Ralph Smart, which explains exactly what’s going on and with lots of illustrations:

Of course, if you have any questions about alternative lifestyle techniques, or want to know how you can be a more eco-conscious citizen, please get in touch by email, sending your request to, or calling us on 608838190 (English and Spanish)

With warm greetings from Casita Verde,

Chris Dews – coordinator




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