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Howard Lewis


Howard is a Londoner born and bred. He trained as an electronics engineer and had a successful career in the design, development and management of mobile phones. He worked for companies like Philips, Motorola, Lucent and Sony Ericsson and from 1999 to 2005 was the co-founder and Head of Operations for Sendo, the UK's only indigenous mobile company. The company was eventually sold to another mobile phone business.

For the next 10 years or so Howard ran his own consultancy practice advising companies on business turnaround, operational improvement and customer engagement. More recently he co-founded Bizzby, an app for instant cleaning, handyman, plumbing and health & beauty services. He also supported the growth of a new mobile phone network for blind people.

His interest in ecology started with a passion for scuba diving, where he's seen first hand the damage we are inflicting on the oceans - with the destruction of coral reefs due to tourism and sea temperature rises, and an ocean floor littered with plastics, rubber tyres and tin cans.


Howard was married for 25 years and has four grown children. He and his family have lived in UK, France, Hong Kong and the USA. In 2018 he decided to re-focus his life on ecology and sustainable living and joined Casita Verde, first as a two-week volunteer, and then as part of the permanent team. He's enjoying a plant based diet and working on eco-buildings. He also runs the Casita Verde volunteer program and looks after housekeeping and admin.


On a Thursday he makes bread and can sometimes be found hosting the 80s club music night. In his free time he builds websites (including the new Casita Verde website) and enjoys nature photography.

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