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Welcome to your New Website 

Hi, I'm Howard. I'm a freelance WIX web designer. I live in Spain and I work on-line with clients across the world.
Why WIX?
It's simple, robust and the results are fantastic. You get a fully professional website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer to build your site. And because WIX editing tools are so easy to learn, you can add and edit your own site if you want to minimise on-going running costs.
Your Website
A web page is a piece of art carrying your important message. Each page has a vital role to play in building a compelling story, and for that it needs to offer the viewer a strong visual impression, be easy to read and contain a clear call to action. I use original photography and powerful visual imagery to build a complete and compelling proposition.
I write stimulating, easy to read and grammatically correct copy, which complies with SEO requirements to get your site noticed. I work with you on valid keywords to get the best results from organic search and I use video, audio, documents, and presentations to enhance your story. I will implement paid search campaigns if you want them and can create your site in any language and multiple languages.
The resulting website is fully responsive and will size correctly on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobiles - iPhone and Android. It will also configure correctly on Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.
I deliver a properly constructed site with a content management system that is easy to navigate and collect customer data from. I can build customer accounts, forms, carts, galleries and blogs. I can implement and manage your Adwords campaign and deliver an analytics package with traffic and site navigation stats.
I use WIX because - 
It's a sophisticated tool that's easy to learn and simple to use. The result is a professional-looking website.
There's no programming knowledge required, which means you don't hand control of your website to someone else who then disappears and leaves you with a site you can't update. With WIX you are in complete control from conception to launch and beyond. You don't need to call me when you want to make changes - but I'm here to help and advise if you do.
My Prices and Agreement
I believe in complete transparency so will create a home page and up to 5 additional pages for £1,000 in total, with half payable upfront and the other half on release. Additional pages are subject to quotation and depend on the number you need and their complexity. I also ask you to commit to a one year contract at £50 per month (or £500 for a single payment) for on-going changes and development on a fair use basis.
I will give you admin rights to your site immediately and you have complete access to make any changes you want at any time.
Please Contact me today
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