Dr Cubano - Rey Aldana

Rey Aldana (El Cubanito) was born in Havana, Cuba, in a rural environment, surrounded by countryside, horses and nature.

In 2004, he moved to Spain from his native Cuba, where he studied and received the title of Senior Technician in Environmental Health. After several years moving around Europe, he arrived at Casita Verde Ibiza in 2012, where he found what would become his future path, passion and profession.

As the number one student of Chris Dews, Rey spent 6 years living and training at Casita Verde Ibiza, before going off to Granada in Southern Spain, where in January of 2018 he began building his own version of Casita Verde.

The new centre, being developed on a three and a half hectare site up in the mountains between Granada city and the Mediterranean coast, is now open for volunteers and will be developed along the same lines as the parent project here in Ibiza. 


Music plays an important role in the life of 'Dr Cubano', which is Rey's professional name as a DJ, specialised in playing a variety of 'World Music', such as Reggae and Cumbia. 

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