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Audrey (or "Adri") was born in France and worked for a number of years in Paris as a graphic designer.

During her studies she lived for a short time in New York, and there she began to realize the serious global ecological problems: mountains of garbage, pollution, excessive consumption, etc…

Over time, she changed some lifestyle habits: choosing to be closer to nature, consuming fewer products and repairing more, eating healthier, as well as studying more on environmental issues and everything related to ecology. After having lived in Paris for 6 years with too much pollution, too many sad people, plus a long time traveling by public transport every day,  she decided that it was time to make another change in her life.


She bought a camper van, converted it into her home, and set out to travel in order to discover new centers of ecological development. She visited many places in France until she discovered the famous "Casita Verde" in Granada, a beautiful and serious project that made her fall in love with the Greenheart movement.

She currently lives in Casita Verde Granada and her desire is to live the rest of her life, in harmony with Mother Earth, because without nature, there are no humans!


Casita Verde Granada Director

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