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Georgina Milani

General Secretary of the Association Ibiza Ecologic and Casita Verde in Ibiza

Born in San Miguel, Tucumán, Argentina in 1973, Georgina arrived in Ibiza in 2015, motivated or forced by the crisis in her country and with a certain desire for adventure.

Adapting to other ways of understanding life, human relationships, work and time management was easy for her. "They say that the island has a magnet, an energy that either catches you or rejects you", and she undoubtedly fell in love, so Ibiza caught her!

Her priority the first years on the island was to stabilize, and when that goal was met she decided to contact Chris Dews, founder of Casita Verde.

In 2018, Georgina joined the ecological movement, not only to learn some good practices of a healthy and conscious lifestyle, but also to exchange knowledge and support the administrative-accounting sector.

Her strong commitment and tenacity currently contribute to promoting projects and initiatives designed to create positive changes on our island.

We have a great responsibility, as citizens, to get involved in local issues and devote a good part of our time to it. "We have to give back to society what it gives us and educate others with our example" says Georgina.

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