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World Cleanup Day


17 million volunteers in 158 countries came together on 15th September 2018 to clean the world in a single day; to get rid of the trash that litters our housing areas, roads, parks and countryside - particularly plastic, which contaminates the beaches and destroys precious sea life.

In Ibiza we were cleaning up too, with hundreds of volunteers mapping the trashpoints using the free app, collecting the trash and making our island clean again. In all we collected over 2 tons of trash in a single day! 


It's not an easy task with so much trash to clean up, but we're confident that one day residents and tourists alike will see the wisdom in keeping our island clean and take more care with the harmful rubbish they leave on the beaches and at the roadside.

We'll support World Cleanup Day again on 21st September 2019, when once again the whole world comes together for one massive clean-up. In the meantime you can catch us cleaning beaches every week. 

You can download the free app now and start mapping trashpoints in time for the next World Cleanup Day in 2019.

Map A Trashpoint

Thanks so much to everyone who made 2018 World Cleanup Day so successful.


Looking forward to 21st September 2019.

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