Roberto Vegano - Rob Burford

Roberto Vegano runs the kitchen at Casita Verde, cooking 100% vegan food with a strong emphasis on local and in season produce.

He dedicates his time and effort into spreading the vegan message for the benefit of both the environment and human health. With documentaries like Cowspiracy and the excellent work of Dr Richard Oppenlander, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the industrialised meat, dairy and egg industries are the leading contributors to climate change and other environmental issues, such as ocean dead zones. 


By creating delicious and nutritious meals that use only natural products he aims to make people aware that 'going vegan' is not difficult and eating a plant-based diet is not just the best option for the planet but also for human health.

Tasked with promoting local products he has created recipes such as carob, almond and aloe ice-cream that is 100% local and 100% tasty. He is also working with local farmers encouraging them to plant things not usually grown on the island with the long term goal of increasing the island's food security and reducing the reliance on imported produce.

If you haven’t already tasted his food on a Sunday open day here at Casita Verde you are missing out!

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