Create Your Own Casita Verde

Follow the Greenheart and create your own Casita Verde; reducing dependency on the Earth's precious resources and living life in a more sustainable way.

You'll be:

  • Following a plant based diet.

  • Creating your own compost.

  • Growing some of your own food.

  • Generating your own solar or wind energy.

  • Collecting rainwater, saving and reusing water.

  • Dedicated to living a more sustainable life.

  • Up-cycling and recycling waste materials.

  • Open to receiving our volunteers with accommodation and food.

When you're part of the Casita Verde community, we offer support and advice on setting up your own eco-centre, and by providing volunteers to help establish your centre and provide a source of donations. Contact us to find out more. Download your own personal guide to living life in a more eco-friendly way.

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