Sustainable Living - One Day Workshops

With the Casita Verde (Ibiza) series of one day workshops you'll learn about different aspects of sustainable living. Our workshops run from 10.00am until 6.00pm every Thursday and include juice breaks and a delicious vegan lunch, which is served at 2.30pm.
You are welcome to stay with us into the evening as we talk about the day's workshop, watch a related film and explore other aspects of sustainable living.
For each workshop we ask for a donation of €30 to cover materials plus lunch and drinks. Please bring the donation with you on the day.
Here are the Thursday workshops for January to March 2019:
17th Jan - Sustainable Shelter 1 - Design considerations and common structures. DONE
24th Jan - Water - Rainfall harvesting, storage & filtration. Grey-water recycling. DONE
31st Jan - Sustainable Shelter 2 - Thermodynamics, passive solar gain & hot water. DONE
7th Feb - Composting - Building rich earth, hot compost and biochar. DONE
14th Feb - Food - Nutrition, health and the environmental impact of what we eat. DONE
21st Feb - Energy - Solar, wind and bio-gas. DONE
28th Feb - Eco-toilets - Fixed and portable. DONE
7th March - Food - Vegan cooking using local, sustainable ingredients. DONE
14th March - Heating & Cooking - Thermodynamics revision & thermal mass rocket stoves. DONE
21st March - Introduction to Permaculture  - the principles used at Casita Verde. DONE
28th March - Food PreservingStorage and preservation techniques. CLOSED
All workshops offer both class based and hands-on practice and take place in and around the new Casita Verde eco-wagon. Spaces are limited to 6 people per workshop.

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