Casita Verde values the art of networking people, projects , ideas and skills worth sharing: inspiration, research, support & sharing of cutting edge technologies with smart ideas to help people creating a word they want to belong to. Networking also is the love of getting out and meeting people.


In a time of unprecedented ecological , social and economical challenges it is important to develop , build and connect with resilient communities, connecting on purpose instead for profit only…creating high value, quality connections that are low on maintenance but high in the contribution and value they provide..


Casta Verde is a place where we live with a sense of Synergy, connecting with an international tribe and community of global educators, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, change agents, net-workers, film makers, artists, fair traders, sustainable leaders, social justice groups, indie bookshops & cafes, yoga lovers, dharma teachers, solution journalists, cultural creatives, social engineers, organic/eco businesses, philanthropists, scientists, holistic practitioners, corporate catalysts, trainers, indigenous elders, green & switched on media, visionary authors and mediators to name but a few...and join us in the workings of a new paradigm: Synergy into action…creating a world to which people want to belong.


Ever experienced the magic of being at the right place , at the right time at the place?  

Yes, we are passionate about what we do and naturally like to network. Networking is the love to inspire or be inspired,building strategic alliances that we can rely on or sourcing like minded groups or individuals to share quality connections.

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