Casita Verde is a small, but by now quite famous ecology centre founded by Chris Dews in 1993 and located in the green heart of Ibiza's beautiful countryside. In January 1996 it became the official headquarters of a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation called Ibiza Ecologic.


Basically, we are an experiential learning centre, designed to encourage innovative and sustainable lifestyle techniques, which are within reach of every one of us.


The majority of the structures on-site have been built using up-cycled materials sourced with donations, and from local garbage like bottles, aluminium cans and pallet wood.

Since 1993, and together with more than 1,000 volunteers, we have created a number of green living-spaces and communal areas, including three eco-toilets, a fully functional kitchen, a bottle house media centre, a very original 'Gaia Centre' guest room, the chill-out, a tree house, a cal oven house and the magical cave. Plus an ingenious wooden 'wild west' wagon style tiny house, made almost entirely from recycled wood.

The famous Casita Verde bottle house

Our composting toilets

The centre also collects, stores, uses and recycles rainwater, which is harvested on-site. We are 100% self sufficient for electrical energy, with several different solar systems supplying all our daily needs.

Our vegetable gardens

Solar generators

In general we follow a plant-based diet of mostly seasonal food, much of which is grown on the farm using permaculture principles, as well as buying-in extra supplies, which are sourced locally from sustainable producers in Ibiza.


The centre is operated by a permanent team and we welcome volunteers who want to join our community and have what we call the 'Casita Verde Experience', where volunteers are encouraged to learn more about ecology and healthy lifestyle techniques.

We also offer one-day and two-week practical workshops to give a boost to your own way of sustainable living.

The Casita Verde concept is now expanding, with a new centre opening up in Granada, southern Spain and more centres planned for the near future.

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