Sustainable Living - Two Week

Practical Workshops - 2020

Our 2-week practical workshop provides you with the tools and ideas you need to live a sustainable life - from the construction of a comfortable eco-shelter, to rain water collection, solar & wind energy, composting & soil management, food production, waste management, nutrition and health.
Each day over the two week intensive program you'll 'learn-by-doing':
  • Building a comfortable, warm, tiny house using wooden pallets;
  • Collecting, filtering and distributing rainwater for drinking, washing and irrigation;
  • Building and installing a solar hot water system;
  • Creating a hot compost to improve soil fertility;
  • Planting and growing your own food;
  • Creating a grey water system to support plant growth;
  • Building and maintaining a compost toilet, and using humanure;
  • Specifying and assembling solar and wind electricity generators;
  • Preparing a nutritious, healthy, plant based diet plan;
  • Building a rocket stove for heating, hot water and cooking.
The emphasis on each 2-week workshop is learning the practical steps you can take to create or improve your own sustainable environment. All workshops will be held in Majorca and you'll enjoy the benefits of living in an 'off-grid' community, and you'll leave us with your own personal sustainability plan.
We also look at the softer side of sustainable living, with discussions on economic growth, happiness, creativity, meaning and community. 

You'll find the complete two-week program here. Our workshops run from for 2 weeks, with the next workshop starting on:

Next Workshop - 20th April 2020 - Book Now

Each workshop day's timetable is as follows:
09.00 - 10.00 - Breakfast and daily briefing
10.00 - 14.00 - Daily workshop (with a juice break)
14.00 - 15.00 - Delicious vegan lunch
15.00 - 17.00 - Daily workshop (continued)
17.00 - 19.00 - Discussion - with a film, debate or presentation
19.00 - bedtime - Dinner and personal time
For each 2-week residential workshop we ask for donation of €950, which covers: airport transfers, all food and drinks, shared, same sex accommodation, full participation in the 2-week program in sustainable living, all course materials and consumables, and ad-hoc trips to town and the beach. The course is limited to 10 people (with a minimum of 4 required for the workshop to proceed) so that we can offer individual coaching. We request a deposit of €100 to reserve your booking, which is fully refundable if the course does not go ahead. The donation payment of €850 is then due one month before the workshop starts.
The non-residential donation is €450. You'll need to arrive each day at 9.30am for a briefing and can stay with us for the full day and evening. We request a deposit of €100 to reserve your booking and the donation balance of €350 one month before the workshop starts.
All workshops offer both class based and hands-on practice and take place at our new workshop facility in Majorca.
To book a workshop please apply here - with the date of the workshop and the number of spaces you are reserving. We'll send you an info pack and booking form. You can also find answers to frequent questions.

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