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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis, Lamiaceae)

Ibicencan: romaní, beneit

French: romarin

Swedish: rosmarin

German: Rosmarin

Russian: розмарин

Dutch: rozemarijn

Rosemary is very widespread on Ibiza, due to deforestation. It is mainly found on carbonatic soils and is a very typical plant of the garrigues. In the rosemary communities (in Spanish: romerales) there are various aromatic plants of the same family (the mint family) to be found.

Rosemary tea has a vitalizing and stimulating effect and supports the digestion. Bathing with rose­mary decoctions stimulates the body. The chewed leaves mixed with saliva are put on small wounds. In the Pityuses rosemary was used as an incense. Moreover the esperit de romaní, a type of spirits, was made from it.

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