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Ibiza Limpia Campaign 2013

Ibiza Limpia

Please visit WWW.IBIZA-LIMPIA.COM for full details of the campaign and dates for the next cleaning sessions.

Introduction to Ibiza Limpia

     The Mediterranean island of Ibiza has many quaint villages, beautiful beaches, picturesque countryside and special places to be enjoyed by both tourists and local residents.

     As well as being a fantastic attraction, it also represents an enormous responsibility for local authorities, who need to keep everything as clean and tidy as possible throughout the whole year. However, with limited government budgets for maintaining the island in good order, it is essential that the local population, and, wherever possible, the tourist visitors also lend a hand in this vitally important task. In order to help with this situation and inform everyone how they can participate, the environmental association 'Ibiza Ecologic' (Greenheart Ibiza) have decided to launch a special campaign called 'Ibiza Limpia' (Clean Ibiza).

     The first phase of the campaign consisted of making a short video (view below) that will be shown to both tourists and residents and which explains the many ways we can all lend a hand in taking care of our beautiful island. It will contain easily understood information about reducing our waste generation, as well as cleaning up beaches and other public places, whilst also explaining the whole process of recycling on the island. It is intended that this video will be shown to passengers arriving to the island by boat or aeroplane and should at least help inspire a wider public to recognise the important role played by citizens in maintaining our fragile environment in better condition. Other graphical information should be displayed in such places as the local airport and bus stations, as well as in island newspapers and magazines, like Ibicasa, 'Todo en Ibiza' and the island business guide 'Guía de Ibiza & Formentera', who's generous management have been supporting our movement for many years.

     The Ibiza Limpia team, together with local authorities, will execute our associated Ecobeach project, organising various beach cleaning events throughout the summer months in different parts of the island, to raise the environmental awareness and give everyone the personal opportunity to 'join in' the action.

     We encourage local businesses and the island administration to contribute as much as they can to this campaign, which will surely result in a cleaner, more healthy place for all of us to enjoy.

Recycling Centres in Ibiza

     If you have household items which are in working order but unwanted, take them to Fundació Deixalles in the Montecristo industrial estate, behind the Hiper Centro supermarket on the Ibiza-San Antonio road. The staff check and repair items left with them and they are then put on sale in the warehouse showroom. There are often some great deals to be found on furniture, kitchen items, electrical equipment, books, CDs and more.

     Well worth the visit!  Tel. 971 191118. See for more info.

     Ibiza provides several centres (puntos limpios) for the correct disposal of larger quantities of rubbish - garden waste, old furniture, builder’s rubble, old batteries, car tyres, household appliances, fridges, cookers etc. The five centres currently open are as follows:

     Visit The Ibiza Council website for links to location maps of all the centres.

Recycling Tips 

     Note: The energy saving bulbs and many disposable batteries contain variable quantities of mercury, which may arrive to pollute local ground water if thrown in the normal rubbish container which goes to landfill sites

     For more information and details of our cleaning activities, please call Mike Macleod at Casita Verde on 971 187353, or email


Watch this short film clip made by Greenheart Ibiza for the Ibiza Limpia campaign.

Ibiza Limpia from Greenheart Ibiza on Vimeo.

The Campaign Film

Below you can watch our short film made to present the Ibiza Limpia campaign. It was produced for Greenheart Ibiza by Giacomo Gex and Loki Krakower Riley.

Ibiza Limpia from Greenheart Ibiza on Vimeo.



Have a look at some further action from the campaign in our Photo Gallery  below.

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