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Ibiza Ecologic

Ibiza Ecologic

The Ibiza Ecologic Association, based on Ibiza (Spain) has been developing different projects related to environmental education on the island during the last 15 years with a direct impact on tourists and local residents.

It develops its activities at its flagship project - Casita Verde - an experimental eco-education centre, a showcase of best practices for sustainable living and alternative energies.

We also represent the Greenheart Movement, headquartered on Ibiza with representatives in several countries. An initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness worldwide by enhancing environmental education. It encompasses a number of professionals, ecological activities and NGO´s, that have been involved in demostrating alternative lifestyle techniques to an expanding international audience.

Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San José onthe island of Ibiza, Casita Verde is a model ecological and education centre that is operated by volunteers and open every Sunday for our main fundraising event. At the centre you can find out that a more sustainable way of life is within reach of every one of us.

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