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Greenheart Ibiza

Greenheart Ibiza

The "Greenheart" is a symbol of our love and respect for planet Earth.

     Greenheart Ibiza's projects and legal requirements are co-ordinated via an association based in Ibiza (Spain), Ibiza Ecologic . At the heart of the operation our HQ and flagship educational project, Casita Verde, is a rapidly-evolving model ecological centre visited by over 5000 people each year, mainly during a weekly fundraising and open-day event held each Sunday, plus visits from local schools, eco tourism visits and other organised groups.

History of the Greenheart Symbol

     The idea was first introduced at the Casita Verde ecological centre in 1998, when one of the directors of the study group Ibiza Ecologic produced a design with a green heart around the planet Earth. This was used as a logo for the vegetarian restaurant and community project we were working on at the time.

     It seemed important at this point to invent a symbol that could describe our feelings towards the planet and which could represent the green movement, without having a reference to any particular project or organisation. We decided to make a car sticker, which could be seen at a distance, and which would be understood by all people, irrespective of their nationality.

Greenheart Stickers

     The first two thousand five hundred 'Greenheart' stickers were hand made and produced in a variety of different sizes, until we decided it was obviously going to be popular. We then made them with a local printer hoping that everyone would understand the significance of such a simple symbol, which contains no written words. Also, as we advance our internet presence and receive more attention from both local and international press, the 'Greenheart' idea is gradually getting through to everyone who sees it.

     You can get your Greenheart stickers at the Greenheart Shop in Ibiza town, Casita Verde on Sundays when we are open to the public, and at many of the 'green' businesses of the islands - see our Greenheart Guide for details - or contact us.


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